Dealer Management Solution

TransDMS is a powerful, fully integrated, flexible and easy-to-handle Dealership Management System aimed at automating dealer functions. The product is armed with enhanced scalability factors, usability factors and performance factors, setting it apart from off-the- mill DMS Solutions.

Built with state-of-the-art technology, this advanced system for dealer management is equipped with efficient APIs for easy interfacing with other applications and systems.


The TransCRM: module enables the dealership to maximize the conversions of leads and opportunities into customer. Every lead and every sales call is captures, thus making the dealership’s sales funnel leak proof.

The Contact Centre and Sales Consultant Organizer together provide the sales force with in-depth sales planning tool.

The CRM Dashboard helps the Sales Manager a quick view of the sales funnel with drill down to lead and opportunity level.


The TransMarketing: module is designed to cover various aspects of the relationship between the business and its prospects and customers. By capturing comprehensive information about its prospects and customers the module enables the business to achieve better conversions and retention. Customer concerns are tracked right from receipt through till their resolution.

Trans Sales

The Trans Sales module streamline and simplifies the sales related activities and make the process efficient and effective. It provides the sales manager a host of sales planning, administration and control tools that help him in minimizing lead times at each stage.

Target can be set for the Sales Consultant and his/ her performance measured against the same.


The TransService module manages the entire workshop functions starting from Service Booking to Workshop Loading to Invoicing and Delivery.

The system keeps track of customer history, vehicle history, parts availability and service reminders and offers a host of other functions to provide hassle-free experience for the customer as well as the dealership.

The module ensures optimum utilization of the workshop capacity through an intelligent booking and loading system. Technician performance can be monitored continuously to maximize productivity and efficiency of the whole workshop.


The Inventory module provides convenience and solutions for all intricacies presented by the complex Spare Parts function. System generated suggested Purchase Order, ABC & XYZ analysis and a host of related features ensure 'Just-in-Time' ordering and optimum inventories.

Multiple pricing options with Landed cost management Parts manager to maximize profits while ensuring personalized customer service. The First Time Pick Rate (FTPR) report is a key efficiency indicator for the Parts department.


The TransFINANCE module gives the dealership a comfortable feeling of security, which only a high quality accounting software can provide. Its complete integration with all other modules (including payroll where applicable) renders almost 80% of accounting automatic, leaving little scope for accounting errors. The multilevel user authorization and security features give the dealership the flexibility to decide on the level of controls that shall apply to its business. The facility to consolidate results by group-company, division or branch enables focused reporting.